Proportions Lesson 3 Episode 2 (Teachers)

Making Sense

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The students continue to suggest and test patterns. They are surprised that some patterns do not work.

Episode Supports

Focus Questions

For use in a classroom, pause the video and ask these questions:

1. [Pause video at 1:57] What was Christopher’s idea? Why did it not work?

2. [Pause video at 4:05] Does the pattern of adding two to the number of miles and two to the number of minutes of a same speed journey produce another journey at the same speed? Why or why not?

Supporting Dialogue

When engaging in the tasks in class, invite your students to build on the arguments of others by:

1. Stop the video at 1:17. Ask students: Write down Christopher’s idea for a pattern in your own words.  Share your statement of Christopher’s idea with your neighbor.

2, Continue the video to 1:57. Ask students: Work with a neighbor to restate in your own words Christopher’s argument of why the pattern does not work. Prepare to share your argument with the class.