Trigonometry Lesson 2

Making Sense of Angles as Rotations

Mary and Claire explore how to create and measure angles that represent the amount an object has rotated. They measure the angles using both degrees and a non-standard unit of measure. They then reflect on what those measurements mean in terms of the rotation.

Episode 1: Making Sense

Mary and Claire create drawings that represent a student’s rotations doing a similar activity shown in an animation and estimate how much he rotated. 

Episode 2: Exploring

Mary and Claire measure the angles they have created in their drawings of the boy rotating. They measure the angles in degrees.

Episode 3: Repeating Your Reasoning

Claire and Mary again measure the angles in their drawings of the boy rotating.This time, they measure the angles in gips.

Episode 4: Reflecting

The students describe how they would use degrees and gips to measure how much a student has rotated. They also reflect on how to measure rotation and what various units of measure mean.