Parabolas Lesson 1

Creating a Parabola from the Geometric Definition

Sasha and Keoni create a parabola from its geometric definition. This involves making sense of key terms—like focus, directrix, and equidistant—and figuring out how to measure distances between points and lines.

Episode 1: Making Sense

Sasha & Keoni make sense of the definition of a parabola.

Episode 2: Exploring

Keoni and Sasha create three different methods for constructing points on the parabola.

Episode 3: Reflecting

Sasha and Keoni justify how their three methods for finding points on a parabola satisfy the criteria in the definition of a parabola.

Episode 4: Repeating Your Reasoning

Sasha and Keoni apply their methods to construct a second parabola with a different focus and directrix.