Parabolas Lesson 10 Episode 1 (Teachers)

Making Sense

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Keoni and Sasha begin to find geometric information from the equation, y = (x–2.4)2/6, in vertex form. They find the p-value and determine the vertex of the parabola.

Episode Supports

Focus Questions

For use in a classroom, pause the video and ask these questions:

1. [Pause the video at 1:55].  Keoni just said that k was 0. What does that mean geometrically?

2. [Pause the video at 2:40]. What geometric information did Keoni and Sasha discover? What other geometric information can you find in the equation?

Supporting Dialogue

Allow students the opportunity to revoice others’ ideas by asking them to talk to a neighbor about each focus question. Invite the students to prepare their observations to share with the class as a whole.

Math Extensions

1. What geometric information can you find from y = (x+2.4)2/6?