Exponentials Lesson 2 Episode 1 (Teachers)


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The students describe how a beanstalk is growing between Days 100 and 102.

Episode Supports

Students’ Conceptual Challenges

Before representing the growth of a beanstalk on a timeline, Josh and Arobindo are asked to examine a timeline of the release dates of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. They are tasked with accurately placing the release date of a movie on the timeline [1:32]. This task requires students to partition a timeline into equal sized pieces, which Arobindo and Josh try to do mentally. They realize they need to be more precise, however, and visually mark out the months on the appropriate segment of the timeline.

Focus Questions

For use in a classroom, pause the video and ask these questions:

  1. [Pause the video at 4:40] Reflect on why Josh and Arobindo moved the movie closer to Iron Man 3. How did their representation of the months on the timeline support their decision?
  2. [Pause the video at 6:19] Examine the labeled heights on the beanstalk timeline created by Arobindo and Josh. Tell a partner why starting with Day 0 is better for this representation. Do you see any mathematical relationships on the timeline? If so, describe those to a partner.

Supporting Dialogue

  1. As students work to create their own timeline for the beanstalk, ask them to take note of any challenges they face. Encourage them to also discuss the challenges that Josh and Arobindo faced when completing this task.
  2. Ask students to discuss how the tripling pattern influenced their work in creating a timeline (or the students’ work from the video).