Exponentials Lesson 2

Creating a Timeline

Arobindo and Josh create a timeline that shows the growth of the beanstalk over several days. They find several mathematical relationships among the heights and among the days on their timeline.

Episode 1: Making Sense

The students explore a timeline that shows the release of movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They then create a timeline that represents the growth of the beanstalk. 

Episode 2: Exploring

Josh and Arobindo mark in several important mathematical relationships on the timeline they created to represent the growth of the beanstalk.

Episode 3: Repeating Your Reasoning 

The students explore what segments of various lengths on the timeline represent in terms of both the passage of time and height.

Episode 4: Reflecting

Josh and Arobindo compare the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline to the timeline they have created to represent the growth of a magical beanstalk.