Exponentials Lesson 1

Investigating the Growth of Magical Beanstalks

Arobindo and Josh explore the growth of magical beanstalks. These beanstalks’ heights increase by the same factor each day. In this lesson, the students draw pictures that show these factors. They also explore how the beanstalks are growing over several days.

Episode 1: Making Sense

Josh and Arobindo explore the growth of a beanstalk whose height quadruples each day. They create drawings that show the growth of the beanstalk over several days. 

Episode 2: Making Sense

The students watch a video of the beanstalk growing. They describe what they notice about how it is growing.

Episode 3: Exploring

Arobindo and Joshua use an applet to determine how a new beanstalk is growing.

Episode 4: Exploring

The students determine the factor by which the beanstalk is increasing over several time periods.

Episode 5: Repeating Your Reasoning 

Josh and Arobindo draw pictures that show the relationships they found in the previous episode.

Episode 6: Reflecting

Arobindo and Josh mark in mathematical relationships on a picture another student has drawn to show the factors by which a magical beanstalk is growing.

Episode 7: Reflecting

The students describe how a beanstalk is growing between Days 100 and 102.