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MathTalk Project Team Members

Joanne Lobato, PhD, PI, leads the research and development activities of the project and taught the parabolas unit.  As a Professor in the SDSU Dept. of Mathematics & Statistics, she researchers secondary school students’ learning and transfer of mathematics.

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C. David Walters, MSED Doctoral Student, filmed the students and created animation and narration for the videos.  His dissertation study investigates preservice teachers’ development of mathematical knowledge for teaching as they engage with the project videos.

Michael McKean, PhD, Technical Specialist, created the project web site, worked on the post-production of our videos, and provides ongoing technical support.   Mike has a background in astrophysics, educational technology, and physical science curriculum development.

Carren Walker, MSED Doctoral Student, wrote the support materials for teachers, helped focus-test the videos, and served as the teacher for the proportional reasoning unit. She is interested in researching mathematics teachers’ professional identities.

Advisory Board

Michelene Chi        Vic Cifarelli        Karen Hollebrands        Jay Lemke        Derek Muller

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Joanne Lobato, MathTalk Project PI

Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Education

6475 Alvarado Road, Ste 206, San Diego, CA  92120

Email: jlobato@mail.sdsu.edu; Phone: 619-594-2957

This project is supported by the National Science Foundation through Award DRL-1416789.

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