MathTalk for Teachers

Teacher Supports. Below is the layout for a typical teacher page accompanying every episode in every video-based lesson in this project. Click on any feature below for a description.

Episode  Supports

  • Episode Description

    A short description of what the students do in the episode is provided. Additionally the episode type is named. There are 4 types of video episodes in these lessons:


    • Making Sense –The goal of the lesson is presented, as is a math task related to the goal. These episodes focus on comprehension, meaning, and interpretation.
    • Exploring – The pair of students investigates and solves a mathematical task. Their conceptual challenges and false starts are included.
    • Reflecting – Students explain their reasoning and/or compare something (e.g., equations, graphs, or solutions).
    • Repeating Your Reasoning – This is the “practice” component of a conceptual lesson. Learners are directed to stop the video, work on a task related to a previous problem, and then compare their work to that of the students in the video.
  • Students’ Conceptual Challenges

    Points of confusion, misconceptions, or key difficulties are described, as well as how the students in the video resolved the challenges.

  • Focus Questions

    Several questions are provided that address the key mathematical ideas in the episode. The time stamp is identified where you can stop the video and pose the question to your class.

  • Supporting Dialogue

    Specific suggestions are provided for how you can support Math Talk among your students as they discuss the video for a selected episode. Different elements of productive dialogue are highlighted: revoicing, considering alternative approaches, using precise mathematical language, and engaging in productive disagreement.

  • Math Extensions

    Several additional math tasks are included that you can assign to your students. These tasks extend, refine, or apply the ideas from the selected episode.







Mathematics in this Lesson

Lesson Description

Targeted Understanding

CC Math Standards

CC Math Practices

Lesson Description


The overarching goal and mathematical activity of the lesson is described.

Targeted Understandings


The mathematical ideas, connections, meanings and ways of reasoning that can be supported by the lesson are described. These include but go beyond the Common Core State Mathematics Standards.

Common Core Math Standards


The specific Common Core State Mathematics Standards addressed in the selected lesson are identified. Additionally, how each standard is met by the students in the video is elaborated.

Common Core Math Practices


One Standard for Mathematical Practice from the Common Core is highlighted for each selected lesson. Additionally, how the practice is exhibited by the students in the video is elaborated, along with relevant time stamps from the episodes.